Stonefang Tunnel

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General Information[edit]

World Walkthrough Bosses NPCs Enemies
2-1, Stonefang Tunnel Armor Spider
- Hard Demon's Soul
Blacksmith Ed (upgrade)
Filthy Man (vendor)
Scale Miners
Fire Lizard
Fat Official
2-2, Armor Spider Archstone Flamelurker
- Red Hot Demon's Soul
Filthy Man (vendor)
Patches, the Hyena
Scirvir, The Wanderer
Scale Miners
Fat Official
Large Bearbug
Giant Bearbug
Flying Bearbug
Rock Worm
Great Club Black Phantom x2
2-3, Flamelurker Archstone Dragon God
- Dragon Demon's Soul
None None

General Strategy[edit]

Stonefang is an easy world for planning equipment strategy since almost all the enemies have similar attacks and weaknesses.

  • Enemies deal physical and flame damage only, no magical damage
  • Most enemies are resistant to physical and fire attacks, but vulnerable to magic damage
  • Soul Ray, Soul Arrow and Homing Soul Arrow will be effective
  • Fire-based spell attacks are useless on many enemies (Fat Officials are an exception)
  • Avoid using fire-based weapon attacks (Dragon weapons, Turpentine)
  • Instead, use magic damage boosted weapons:
  • Even the 3 bosses (well, the first 2 at least) follow the same rules: defend against their physical and fire, and attack them with magic
  • Despite all the above advice, don't forget PvP invasions: a smart Black Phantom will play against your expected PvE equipment setup and probably attack you with Magic damage. So if you don't have some magic defense option you will be an easy target.
  • There are many enemies in this world which drop valuable weapon upgrade stones, including the largest number of Crystal Lizards anywhere, so leave some inventory weight free for the loot, and bring the Ring of Herculean Strength if you have it.

Archstone of the Burrow King[edit]

  • Stonefang Tunnel
  • City of the burrowers, keepers of the huge tunnel.
  • Most of the stubborn excavators who supported the soldiers of Boletaria had their souls taken. Lacking their own will, they mindlessly continue working.
  • Armor Spider Archstone
  • Archstone of the Demon Armor Spider
  • The Tunnel City… Below the smithing grounds lies a huge tunnel worthy of its name. It's said a dragon's grave is in the deepest part of the molten area.
  • Flamelurker Archstone
  • Archstone of the Demon Flamelurker
  • Since ancient times, a fire demon has been sealed in an underground temple filled with dragon bones. Deeper still lies an even larger dragon's skeleton.
  • Dragon God Archstone
  • Archstone of the Demon Dragon God
  • The underground shrine was made to worship as well as seal in the Dragon God. The ancestors of the Excavators revered it as a god, and maintained it well.

World Tendency Representation[edit]