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General InformationEdit

  • Upgrades can be made at with Blacksmith Ed or Blacksmith Boldwin.
  • Boss Weapons can only be made by Blacksmith Ed after giving him the Red Hot Demon's Soul from defeating the Flamelurker
  • Upgrading weapons in Demon's Souls is a bit more complicated than in later souls games. Each weapon has a standard ore that you use for it's improvement, either Hardstone or Sharpstone. For example, the Uchigatana uses Sharpstone. If you want to take a weapon down a specialty path, you may need to upgrade it a short way first. To make a Quality Uchigatana, you need Clearstone and an Uchigatana+3 meaning it has been upgraded with Sharpstone three times.
  • Although they are often the same, the number of upgrades you need to complete before for a transition is allowed can different for each weapon and for each path you choose. Additionally, not all weapons can be transitioned to every option. For example, a Short Sword requires +3 to transition to Crushing but the Great Sword requires +0. Both weapons require +6 to transition to Moon and neither weapon allows Tearing (among others).
  • Important Note - The number of upgrades required for a transition is exact. If you upgrade a Short Sword to +4, you cannot transition it to Crushing until you use a Meltstone to return it to +0, then re-upgrade to +3.

Icon Prefix Stone Upgrade Start Max Level Notes
  N/A Meltstone N/A N/A Returns upgraded weapons to their original states
  N/A Hardstone +0 +10 Basic upgrade path
  N/A Sharpstone +0 +10 Basic upgrade path
  Quality Clearstone +3 +5 Evens out Strength and Dexterity bonuses
  Crushing Greystone +0 or +3 +5 Increases Strength bonus and eliminates Dexterity bonus
  Sharp Bladestone +0 +5 Increases Dexterity bonus and lowers Strength bonus
  Dragon Dragonstone +3 +5 High base damage, Adds fire damage, removes stat bonuses
  Tearing Suckerstone +0 or +3 +5 Boosts bleed damage, increases Dexterity bonus and lowers Strength bonus
  Mercury Mercurystone +3 +5 Provides a chance to inflict poison on the target
  Fatal Marrowstone +3 +5 Adds critical damage and lowers base damage
  Moon Moonlightstone +6 +5 Adds magic damage to the weapon and the weapon scales with Magic
  Crescent Darkmoonstone +6 +5 Adds magic damage and MP regen and the weapon scales with Magic
  Blessed Faintstone +6 +5 Adds magic damage and HP regen and the weapon scales with Faith. Dexterity and Strength bonuses are lowered but not eliminated
  Sticky Spiderstone +3 +5 Bows only. Greatly increases Dexterity bonus and lowers Strength bonus. Increases range of bow by 5 at +1
  Dark Cloudstone +6 +5 Shields only. Raises Magic Damage Reduction %. Resets Guard Break Reduction to default
  N/A Colorless Demon's Souls +0 +5 Special weapons only. Blacksmith Ed can only perform these after receiving a Red Hot Demon's Soul