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HUD iconsEdit

A number of icons may appear in the HUD just below the main HP, MP, Stamina bars. They indicate your current status.

Icon Status Notes
  Status Ailment Resistance UP Ring of Gash Resistance, Ring of Poison Resistance, Ring of Disease Resistance equipped
Istarelle or Bramd equipped
  HP/MP/Stamina Recovery Regenerator's Ring, Fragrant Ring, Eternal Warrior's Ring equipped
Adjudicator's Shield, Geri's Stiletto, Meat Cleaver, Phosphorescent Pole,Crescent or Blessed Weapons equipped
Regeneration cast
  Second Chance active Second Chance cast
  Fall Damage DOWN Cat's Ring equipped
  HP < 30% - Defence Rating UP Dull Rat's Ring equipped
  HP < 30% - Attack Rating UP Clever Rat's Ring or Morion Blade equipped or both
  Flame/Magic/Physical resistance UP Ring of Flame Resistance, Ring of Magical Dullness equipped
Dragon Bone Smasher, Rune Sword, Rune Shield or Dark Silver Shield equipped
Protection, Warding or Water Veil cast
  Obtained Souls UP Ring of Avarice or Silver Bracelet equipped
Soul Thirst cast
  Stealth Effect UP Graverobber's Ring or Thief's Ring equipped
Cloak or Hidden Soul cast
  Attract enemies Ring of the Accursed equipped
  Equipment Broke One icon for each piece of armor/weaponry broken
  Weapon Wear DOWN Ronin's Ring equipped
  Direct Hit Power UP Master's Ring equipped
  Physical Attack UP Weapon buffed
  Attack Rating UP as Phantom Friend's Ring equipped as Blue Phantom
Foe's Ring equipped as Black Phantom
  Faith/Magic Power UP Ring of Magical Sharpness or Ring of Sincere Prayer equipped
Kris Blade or Monk's Head Collar equipped
  Anti Magic Field active Anti Magic Field cast
  Bleeding Lost Blood! HP steadily lowers
Recovers with time
  Poisoned Poisoned! HP steadily lowers
Effect of healing items is halved
Recovers with time
  Plagued You caught the Plague! HP lowers
Effect of healing items is halved
Stamina recovery is slowed
Recovers after a long time