Shrine 4-3 Walkthrough

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Old Hero Archstone[edit]

Boss NPCs Enemies Notable Loot
Storm King
- Storm Demon's Soul
None Storm Beast - Storm Ruler
- Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
- Chunk of Cloudstone x2

Enemy ID and Stats[edit]

Name ID HP Souls Defense Resistance
Physical Slash Blunt Thrust Magic Fire Poison Plague Bleed
Crystal Lizard 311019 84 10 320 50 -25 -50 410 233 999 999 999
Storm Beast 503100 71 1270 58 0 25 0 73 70 75 75 75
Storm King 503000 500 40400 127 0 0 0 98 106 200 500 500

Special Effect Multipliers[edit]

Special Effect Multipliers are blanket multipliers that are applied to NPCs, including Black Phantoms. For example, if the HP multiplier is "x2", the NPC will have twice the health that the player would have if they had identical stats and equipment. The NPC's attack multipliers are applied before the damage is affected by the player's defenses and resistances. Damage received by the NPC is slightly more complicated. When the player does damage to the NPC, the raw damage is put into a formula and computed against the NPC's resistances. These resistances are multiplied by the values in the Physical/Magic/Fire Defense columns before calculation. Afterward, the remaining damage is reduced by resistances, it is then multiplied by the Damage reduction multipliers in the Physical/Magic/Fire Reduction columns. The output damage remaining is the dealt to the NPC.

Enemy HP Stamina
Attack Damage Reduction Defense Resistance
Physical Magic Fire Physical Magic Fire Physical Magic Fire Poison Plague Bleed
Crystal Lizard x2.35 x1.81 x2.2 x2.2 x2.2 - - - x1.6 x1.6 x1.6 Immunity Immunity Immunity
Storm Beast x2.35 x1.81 x2.2 x2.2 x2.2 - - - x1.6 x1.6 x1.6 - - -
Storm King x2.35 x1.81 x2.2 x2.2 x2.2 - - - x1.6 x1.6 x1.6 - Immune -

World Tendency Events[edit]

White World[edit]

No White World events

Black World[edit]

No Black World events

Walkthrough and Map[edit]

4-3 Old Hero Archstone Map - numbered sections below correlate to circled numbers on the map
  1. Your starting position. More than ever, the Thief's Ring is highly recommended. If you like using magic, try equipping the Kris Blade and Ring of Magical Sharpness here as well(the Insanity Catalyst can be helpful as well).
  2. Around this spot the Storm Beast will begin to notice you as they make their patrols. Unlike the other zones, here they attack and make a berserker rush toward your character. You can hit them with melee weapons when they do. This behavior is intended to allow melee characters without ranged attacks to kill the Storm Beast in order to fight the Storm King. Although the Storm Ruler Sword works well enough…
  3. This nook is a safe zone, protecting you from the boss and most of the Storm Beast.
  4. After you kill 10 or so Storm Beast , the boss descends towards the ground to fight you. He fires a series of giant pointed barbs at you every time he passes by. Make sure you are hiding behind something wide when he does this. Then step out and attack him repeatedly.
  5. The Crystal Lizards here carry Darkmoonstones, including Pure Ore. Also, the Storm Ruler Sword is here, the one mentioned in the developer placed note says, "You'll need a sword that can tear the sky." This sword can fell multiple Storm Beast in one swing, and can be used to attack the boss as he passes.
  6. This is the other safe zone of the match. You are protected from Storm Beast and the boss while standing here. Once his barbs hit the house, step out and start swinging that Storm Ruler or casting Magic. Once he is defeated, be sure to pick up the Chunks of Cloudstone on the right side of the area. This rare item is necessary for forging a +5 'Dark' shield for the Cloudstone Trophy. There are some more Holy Arrows out here as well.
  7. See the Storm King link for more information.