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General Information[edit]

Enemies are the primary antagonist of Demon's Souls. They come in all shapes and sizes with different challenges associated with each one. Each enemy type has a different amount of health, different resistances, and different types of attacks. You'll find that there is no one-way to get through the game, perhaps excluding magic. Magic somewhat trivializes the gameplay as it's rather overpowered. There are still tough fights, such as the Maneaters, but overall the game is much (much) easier with Magic than with melee.

Table of Enemies by World[edit]

World Enemies
World 1, Boletarian Palace Dregling, BP Dreglings
Boletaria Soldier
Blue Eye Knight, BP Blue Eye Knight
Red Eye Knight
Fat Official, BP Fat Official
Imperial Spy
World 2, Stonefang Tunnel Scale Miners, BP Scale Miners
Fire Lizard
Fat Official
Bearbug, BP Bearbug
Large Bearbug
Giant Bearbug
Flying Bearbug
Rock Worm
World 3, Tower of Latria Mind Flayer, BP Mind Flayer
Man Centipede
Giant Man Centipede, BP Man Centipede
Prisoner Horde
World 4, Shrine of Storms Silver Skeleton, BP Silver Skeleton
Gold Skeleton, BP Gold Skeleton
Black Skeleton, BP Black Skeleton
Storm Beast
Phosphorescent Slug
World 5, Valley of Defilement Depraved One, BP Depraved One
Giant Depraved One, BP Giant Depraved One
Giant Mosquito
Phosphorescent Slug
Giant Tick
Poison Jelly
Plague Babies