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Enemy ID and StatsEdit

Name ID HP Souls Defense Resistance
Physical Slash Blunt Thrust Magic Fire Poison Plague Bleed
Dregling Merchant 200003 400 16 400 0 0 0 160 133 100 100 100
Dregling (Sword) 200010 78 6 80 0 0 0 32 39 75 75 75
Dregling (Black Phantom) 200011 78 30 80 0 0 0 32 39 75 75 75
Dregling (Flaming Sword) 200013 78 9 80 0 0 0 32 39 75 75 75
Dregling (Sword) 200015 78 6 80 0 0 0 32 39 75 75 75
Dregling (Flaming Sword) 200017 78 9 80 0 0 0 32 39 75 75 75
Dregling (Sword) by Ostrava 200020 78 6 80 0 0 0 32 39 75 75 75
Dregling (Flaming Sword) by Ostrava 200021 78 9 80 0 0 0 32 39 75 75 75
Boletaria Soldier (Sword) 201010 105 20 98 0 0 0 44 77 50 75 100
Boletaria Soldier (Sword+firebomb) 201011 105 20 98 0 0 0 44 77 50 75 100
Boletaria Soldier (Crossbow) 201012 70 22 88 0 0 0 44 77 50 75 100
Boletaria Soldier (Spear) 201015 95 36 98 0 0 0 44 77 50 75 100
Boletaria Soldier (Axe) 201016 115 26 98 0 0 0 44 77 50 75 100
Boletaria Soldier (Halberd) 201017 110 32 98 0 0 0 44 77 50 75 100
Blue Eye Knight (Sword) 202010 165 305 120 0 0 0 54 77 75 75 100
Blue Eye Knight (Black Phantom) 202011 220 630 120 0 0 0 54 77 75 75 100
Blue Eye Knight (Claymore) 202013 185 410 120 0 0 0 54 77 75 75 100
Crystal Lizard 311002 84 10 320 50 -25 -50 410 233 999 999 999
Phalanx's Hoplite 500000 81 35 86 0 50 0 82 77 150 150 100
Hoplite 500003 81 35 86 0 50 0 82 77 150 150 100
Phalanx 500010 1150 1270 112 0 25 0 98 70 999 999 100
Dragons 513000 1340 7630 334 0 0 0 304 499 200 200 200

Special Effect MultipliersEdit

Special Effect Multipliers are blanket multipliers that are applied to NPCs, including Black Phantoms. For example, if the HP multiplier is "x2", the NPC will have twice the health that the player would have if they had identical stats and equipment. The NPC's attack multipliers are applied before the damage is affected by the player's defenses and resistances. Damage received by the NPC is slightly more complicated. When the player does damage to the NPC, the raw damage is put into a formula and computed against the NPC's resistances. These resistances are multiplied by the values in the Physical/Magic/Fire Defense columns before calculation. Afterward, the remaining damage is reduced by resistances, it is then multiplied by the Damage reduction multipliers in the Physical/Magic/Fire Reduction columns. The output damage remaining is the dealt to the NPC.

Enemy HP Stamina
Attack Damage Reduction Defense Resistance
Physical Magic Fire Physical Magic Fire Physical Magic Fire Poison Plague Bleed
Dregling (Sword) - - x0.9 x0.9 x0.9 - - - - - - - - -
Dregling (Black Phantom) x2 - x1.35 x1.35 x1.35 - - - x1.5 x1.5 x1.5 - - -
Dregling (Flaming Sword) - - x0.9 x0.9 54 - - - - - - - - -
Boletaria Soldier - - x0.9 x0.9 x0.9 - - - - - - - - -
Red Eye Knight - - x0.9 x0.9 x0.9 - - - - - - - - -
Red Eye Knight (Black Phantom) x2 - x1.35 x1.35 x1.35 - - - x1.5 x1.5 x1.5 - - -
Crystal Lizard - - x0.9 x0.9 x0.9 - - - - - - Immune Immune Immune
Hoplite - - x0.9 x0.9 x0.9 - - - - - - - - -
Phalanx - - x0.9 x0.9 x0.9 - - - - - - Immune Immune -
Dragons - - x0.9 x0.9 x0.9 - - - - - - - Immune -

World Tendency EventsEdit

White WorldEdit

  • The door on the left near the starting point will be unlocked. Requires Pure White or Pure Black World Tendency.
    • Once unlocked, it will stay unlocked even if World Tendency changes later.
    • Pick up the set of Brushwood Armor at the bottom of the pit. This is the heaviest armor set, so bring your Ring of Herculean Strength along. Remember that heavy items will disappear forever if you examine them and then leave the level without picking them up.
    • In the same pit, on one of the beams, is a Colorless Demon's Soul, don't miss it! Look for a broken beam near the ladder, walk carefully into the gap. If you walk straight, you will land on the beam below. You can get further down by carefully dropping to a lower beam; you should line the jump up from the central beam. Walking straight and turning on the narrow beams can be made simpler by using a bow in sniper mode. See YouTube video
  • People have claimed that the Red Dragon and Blue Dragon disappear; this isn't always true. This occurs in Pure White World Tendency, meaning you can grab the goodies in the field in front of their usual nesting place.
    • This also mean that there will be no Red Dragon breathing fire at you while you try to cross over to access the lever. (in NG+ and beyond)

Black WorldEdit

Walkthrough and MapEdit

1-1 Boletarian Palace Map - numbered sections below correlate to circled numbers on the map
  1. Your starting position. Behind you is some healing grass hidden behind the wooden palisades near the big gate. In front of you are some Dreglings. Move forward slowly, looking left and right, to lure them out. The gate to your left, down the small staircase, will open with Pure White or Black World Tendency for the Palace. Executioner Miralda is found out in this area.
  2. This open grate on the floor with swirling blue soul energy is a pitfall that spells certain death. Avoid it, or lure enemies here to kill them, including the Red Eye Knight.
  3. This room past the pitfall has a Dregling waiting to ambush you on the right side of the door. Another will come from further into the room, on the left side. A third is waiting at the far end of the second half of this room as you round the corner. Lure the first one outside, then block the other two and counter.
  4. There is a corpse behind the wooden support structure here. He has a Bastard Sword. You cannot get to him now, but remember this spot when the boulder trap is activated just above this point.
  5. There is a boulder trap at the top of this staircase. Look up and advance slowly. When the rock moves run back down or roll off the staircase. You can now drop down to the corpse at point 4 from here.
  6. Top of the outer wall, your path branches three ways from here (four if you count dropping off the wall by the Blue Eye Knight to get the Light Crossbow).
  7. This leads to the very tough (for this early point in the game) Red Eye Knight. His shield and spear combo is very good, and will likely kill you in one hit. If you can kill him, he gives 2,000 soul and drops several Full Moon Grasses. He can also drop a Winged Spear or Purple Flame Shield. If you want to fight him, draw him back to the top of the wall around point 6 He'll get stuck on the catapults here. You can also lure him to his death at the stairwell past point 10, by getting him to fall off the side of the winding staircase. You'll want to clear the enemies from this stairwell anyway.
  8. The door to the mausoleum the Red Eye Knight is guarding can only be opened later in the game. It leads to the optional boss, Old King Doran. It can be opened if Ostrava of Boletaria (Prince Ariona Allant) dies in 1-1 or 1-4. Upon his death he drops a Mausoleum Key, and this key can open the mausoleum.
  9. This is the spot by the Blue Eye Knight (who is standing on the other side of the balcony not where the number is) where you can drop off the wall from the broken crenelations to land on the small terrace with the Light Crossbow and some Bolts. Be wary of the Soldier inside the wall from here. He is the guy who throws Firebombs down at you as you climbed the stairs earlier.
  10. Beyond this point is a room with a treacherous staircase leading down to a shortcut. At the bottom of it the Cling Ring (max HP in soul form raised to 75%) can be found. You can also trigger the Jade Hair Ornament and Old Raggedy Robes (light female robes with high Plague resistance) to drop outside point 12 along the way.
  11. This is a balcony about half way down the stairwell. Attack the chains on either side to drops two dead bodies, which will give you the Jade Hair Ornament , Old Raggedy Robes , and several Old Spices.
  12. Flip the lever here to open the small side gates, getting the Cling Ring and enabling your first shortcut.
  13. At the top you will encounter a Blue Eye Knight and behind him a fogged doorway. Walk through it and you will discover a way down.
    • (from this staircase, you can jump off and land on the rail leading to the platform with Ostrava and the Thief's Ring)
    • There are exploding barrels blocking your way into the hallway going to 14 The Soldier behind them will throw a Firebomb as you approach and try to kill you in the resulting blast.
    • Leave Ostrava alone for the moment and clear the enemies before the next fog gate. Once you reach the fog gate you can clear the lower level backwards. If Ostrava dies, you will miss out on a few of his goodies in later parts of the Palace, though he is heavily armored and will help you fight through the lower level. If he does die, be sure to pick up the Mausoleum Key. He won't walk past the fog gate, so it is safe to save him after you've killed all the enemies here.
    • Note: Keep in mind that, after saving Ostrava, if you leave this area and return to the Nexus without killing the Phalanx , all of the Dreglings, Soldiers, and Blue Eye Knights on Ostrava's patrol route will respawn upon your return. It's possible that Ostrava could be killed by the enemies, so if you need him alive, hurry back to him and help him kill the enemies when you return. Better yet, just kill Phalanx immediately after saving Ostrava.
  14. After beating the ambushing soldier from the left, and the halberd wielder in front of you, turn to the right and smash through these wooden palisades. The Dregling Merchant squatting inside this little room is friendly. He is your first merchant, and sells basic equipment and weapons. As you proceed north and then west, you'll come to a passage with a high wall on your left, a few foes will drop down while other enemies at the far north of the map will shoot at you from a platform structure. The next fog gate is at the top of the platform. Once you've cleared the area you can double back and go down to the lower level.
  15. See that wooden shack-looking thing in front of you? Attack it with your weapon to release a bunch of boulders. These will roll down the ramp and kill all the Soldiers and Dreglings along the way. Turnabout from point 5 is fair play, after all.
  16. The Dragon's Roost. Outside this door is a passage down to an open area, over which two dragons roost. These two can kill you in one hit. The Red Dragon with his fiery breath, and the Blue Dragon with his tail smashes. You want the Purple Flame Shield and Ring of Great Strength from here, but might want to wait for a bit.
    Your options are:
    • Advance to point 16 and trigger the Red Dragon'w flame breath here, then sprint back to the roost and pick up the items before he returns. Drop off the side of the roost to the lower path to quickly escape if he does return.
    • Shoot the Red Dragon with arrows or spells until he flies away, which is a big waste.
    • Unlock 1-2 and kill the Red Dragon there, then return and he won't be here anymore.
    • Get White World Tendency in the Palace and both dragons will be gone.
  17. This walkway is crawling with Soldiers. If you advance for ward the Red Dragon will show up and roast most of them alive, and you too if you remain on the walkway. Let him kill most of them, then return towards point 16 to lure him off the bridge and back to his nest. Then, sprint back here and towards the end. You'll want to roll through the crossbow bolts, to get across quickly before the Red Dragon can return. Refer to the notes at the start of the walkthrough for timing and other strategy suggestions.
  18. The lever here opens the main palace gate, unlocking the Phalanx boss. Also, the map doesn't show it with a number, but check for items in the side area just before the room with the lever, and loop around to the unopened wooden door.
  19. This lever opens the side gates on this side, becoming another shortcut. You'll also fight some Hoplites on your way towards this lever. The Phalanx boss is a giant slime with minions like these. The shield on their front blocks a percentage of received damage, so try to attack them in the back. When their spear appears, they can shoot it at you or poke you with it so keep up your guard.
  20. This fog gate, opened with the lever at point 18 leads to the Phalanx boss. If this is your first time playing, you might want to return to The Nexus to repair your armor or stock up on a few healing items, Firebombs, or Turpentine.
  21. The Phalanx boss battle.