Full Moon Grass

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In-Game Description[edit]

A Medical herb named for the lunar phase. Recovers most of the user's HP.


  • The effect of moon herbs changes according to the condition they're in.
  • Full Moon herbs are collections of wilted herbs that emit a faint light even in their wilted state.
  • Weight: 0.1


Restores 600 Health Points


Location Cost Amount Vendor
Nexus 1000 Unlimited Patches, the Hyena
1-2 1600 Unlimited Dregling Merchant
1-3 1600 Unlimited Dregling Merchant
3-1 1600 Unlimited Once Royal Mistress
4-1 1000 Unlimited Graverobber Blige
5-1 2000 Unlimited Filthy Woman
5-2 2000 Unlimited Filthy Woman

Once per playthrough, trade one Shard of Mercurystone with Sparkly the Crow to obtain ten Full Moon Grass.

One is usually dropped by stronger enemies (Red Eye Knight for instance) in early game cycles ie. NG, NG+

Usage Image[edit]