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In Game Description[edit]

A mysterious blue ring given by the Monumental.

Increases attack power as a Phantom.

This mysterious ring supports camaraderie with others, since it's bearer aids warriors in other worlds and is aided by them. This was the wish of the last Monumental.

The Foe's Ring makes a matching set with this ring.


Increases damage by 20% as a Blue Phantom. This includes Physical damage, Magic damage, and Miracle damage. The Magic attack boost given by Friend's Ring is equal to the Magic attack boost given by Ring of Magical Sharpness, though the Friend's Ring does not decrease Magic defense like Ring of Magical Sharpness.


  • Speak to the Monumental in the Nexus when your Character Tendency is Pure White.
  • You must have answered "Yes" when asked to hear his request during the first encounter.


  • To obtain this ring, you must speak to The Monumental before opening the seal to the End Game.
  • To obtain this ring on your first playthrough, it is recommended that you get Pure White Character Tendency before taking acts that will darken your Character Tendency. This includes avoiding killing hosts as a black phantom, playing as the boss in 3-3 and killing innocent NPCs.
  • The ring is given regardless of the host being in soul or body form.
  • Status1: Phantom Power UP


  1. As indicated in the in game Character status screen